‘Batman V. Superman’ Filming Locations in Michigan


Trying to track down the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice filming locations in Michigan over the past few days has proven to be a challenge and it doesn’t look like the search is going to end anytime soon as the movie is expected to spend most of the summer filming in and around Detroit.

The production is obviously being diligent about keeping things under wraps and the fans/photographers/curious locals who do track down any filming locations don’t seem too anxious to give away details (and why should they, whoever gets the first good photos of Ben or Henry filming on location in costume is going to make a fortune).

So, that leaves the rest of us who are just trying to track the production in a cluster of rumors, lies, and seemingly constant schedule changes.

In an effort to preserve my own sanity, I’ve decided to set up a Batman V. Superman Open Thread here where I can dump all of the rumored locations in one place and readers can add what they’ve heard in the comments. Hopefully, we can get a group effort going and sort out what’s BS and what’s legit.

Here are a few confirmed locations where they have shot so far:

5/14: Batman V. Superman filming in Keego Harbor

5/16: They filmed in Birmingham

6/11: They filmed at a hotel in Pontiac (day shoot), Woodward and Grand River in Detroit (night shoot)

Here’s what we know now going forward (labeled accordingly):

CONFIRMED: Batman V. Superman is based at, and doing most filming, at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios located at 1999 Centerpoint Pkwy, Pontiac, MI

CONFIRMED: They will film scenes at the LexCorp Building set across from their studio on June 16 & 17

CONFIRMED: Batman V. Superman is filming a military scene on June 13

RUMOR: The military scene might be shot in downtown Detroit

RUMOR: The military scene might be shot right at their studio in Pontiac

RUMOR: Before June is over they might be filming at the Nicholson Terminal location

RUMOR: They might be filming at the Michigan Central Station in Detroit soon

RUMOR: On June 12 they might be filming in Flint, MI

UPDATE (6/12): RUMOR: Just got a tip that the production wants to use the field by The Courtyard by Marriott in Pontiac (where they shot yesterday, 6/11) for filming again soon. Working to confirm a date.

UPDATE (6/19): RUMOR: They’re setting up the mobile woodshop [stacked shipping containers] on the corner of Sixth & Abbott St. in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood that might be for BVS. (Check out the details in the comment below.

I’ll be doing my best to continue updating this page as more news emerges. And, keep in mind, even the “confirmed” location can change at the last minute due to weather, illness, etc.

If you’re interested in swapping information with other fans and working together to track down BVS and witnessing some cinematic history, please bookmark this page and chime in if you have news. If you’d rather keep it anonymous or have set photos you’d like to share, shoot me an email at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. I just added an update to the post above and a couple more things of note:

    there is a small production in Troy but just wanted to point out in case anyone is looking for info online and sees talk of filming in Troy, it might just be this:

    Also, in case anyone has missed it, here is the pic of Lexcorp, looks ready to go!

  2. Was buy the shooting location in Pontiac today. Something is definitely going on! Heavy security around the huge green screen with the enormous superman statue. Also signs up for extra parking in the immediate area.

  3. I was by the studio today, and there was heavy security. I saw Lex corp and a big green screen, but that was about it. How are people getting these pictures of the statue????

  4. Heard there was filming of ? A video ? On Main st. (M15) downtown clarkston late Thursday night (6/12) heavily secured and appeared to be at the woodshop. This place has been on tv before with kid rock so who knows. Just googling and ended up here… Will visit more! Sparked my interest 🙂

  5. Stopped by the studio on Friday hoping to catch rumored filming at LexCorp, but nothing was going on. Managed to attract the attention of a black security SUV which followed me a bit. Saw a couple interesting boats on the backlot. One looked vintage and clean, the other smaller boat looked like a wreck.

  6. Here’s an update from LexCorp this AM – lots of vehicles in front of the building but no actors yet (this was early, like 6-6:30) and lots of security at every entry point.

    Anyone else check it out?

  7. I won’t be heading there today unless Superman AND Batman are out on the street in full view with no security nearby 😉 It didn’t look as though much would be done outside. They haven’t fancied up the landscaping or anything. Maybe just some entrance and exit shots?

  8. They’re setting up the mobile woodshop [stacked shipping containers] on the corner of Sixth & Abbott St. in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. I’m guessing for Batman v. Superman, unless there is another major shoot going on in Detroit currently.

  9. Thanks, sounds promising, KJToon! Only other thing in town right now is the American Sharia movie I think. Can you keep an eye on what happens and keep us posted?

  10. What a drag this has been. They’ve been filming around Detroit area all summer and no sightings what-so-ever. Sure some have seen Affleck and Cavill, but no real filming. Nothing like Transformers.

  11. I’m with you, Steve. This hasn’t been much fun so far. In a couple of weeks they’ll be filming in Corktown, so fingers crossed things will change for a few days!

  12. 7/24/14 – Set is being built in Downtown Detroit on Howard street @ 6th, by the bus station. The set looks like a building was demolished….can’t really get too close, cops are guarding the area. I’ll try to get some pics and keep you posted.

  13. I was downtown Detroit earlier and they are continuing to build a set for a scene in Batman vs. Superman. The news had reported that they weren’t sure if it was for that movie, however the security guards there are asking everyone to stop taking pictures, they said it’s copyright material owned by Warner Brothers and that they are threatening to sue. So it is definitely for the Batman movie. The security guard also said that he is a reserve in the Army, and that they security company specifically requested people who have military experience to work this detail, and that tonight there will be additional security coming it to guard the site, most likely off-duty state police. He said that 2 people have already been caught running onto the lot, they are pretty sensitive if you put one toe on the grass they are all over you telling you to back up it’s private property, however there is nothing they can do on the sidewalk. After awhile the security guard also stated that all he can do is ask people to not take pictures he can’t personally prevent it.

    I’ve posted some pictures on my Facebook page.

  14. Security is definitely stepped up, and maybe the military types are because it’s downtown Detroit?! They were mainly on their phones not paying any attention when I was down there taking pictures though 🙂 Amused about the whole WB copyright nonsense. It will scare some people off, I’m sure, but obviously it’s a silly argument. Only closing the streets further will keep people and their cameras away!

      • I was at Pontiac late last week and all I saw was a bunch more vehicles at the back of Lexcorp. Tankers, buses and trucks, all of them white as if they will CGI stuff onto them later. I’m not afraid of security, but there were 2 real cop cars in the lot with lights flashing! I drove by the green screens and everything was quiet. Steps set up at one, but otherwise deserted.

        • thanks for the updates, yeah, I think that is the same spot in Pontiac I got the tip about yesterday… again, doesn’t sound like there will be much to look at if they are locking it down…

      • The downtown (Corktown) set is gearing up for filming. More security and the road is closed because they’ve moved all the ‘debris’ to the street in front of the building. Still a lot of work to do I think. Biggest question is how close will we be able to get next week..?!

        • I’m thinking about driving up to Detroit next week (8/6) for the car chase scene. Do you think it will be worth driving up for 4 hours? How tight will security be for next week?

  15. Subject: Road Closures – Movie Filming


    Griswold Street and Sidewalks closed from Congress to LaFayette.
    Traffic will be diverted from Larned since the only destination will be the Parking Garage. Parkers will be allowed to access the garage at the Griswold entrance. It may be necessary for you to provide ID or verification of your need to enter the garage/building.

    Congress St. and Sidewalks from Woodward to Cass Ave.
    Due to filming, the Congress entrance to the Buhl Building will be closed. Everyone must use the Griswold entrance.

    It is possible that some of the closures may take effect Friday night after rush hour in order to prepare the set for Saturday morning filming.

    Please be aware that the above schedule, although confirmed, may be adjusted due to weather conditions. The possible alteration may be the addition of Sunday filming.

    Note: On Wednesday, August 6th, the parking meters on Congress will not be available due to filming that will take place in the small parking lot across the street from The Buhl Building.

    The above closures will take place starting Saturday at 12:01 a.m.

    We will appreciate everyone’s cooperation in accommodating this schedule.

    Building Management

  16. Building something in the parking lot on Congress between Griswold and and Shelby. Watching fron the 15th floor of the Penobscot building.

      • Sorry, I couldn’t confirm if they’re actually filming today or not. I walked by about 20 minutes ago and it didn’t look like they were currently doing anything, but they’re running a lot of wiring into the building.

  17. I drove by the set at Abbot and 6th Streets early this morning, the set has been broke down and all the Metropolis emergency vehicles (Police, EMT and Fire Trucks) and busted up passenger vehicles are gone.

  18. My parents were in Plymouth last night and the batmobile pulled up next to then at a red light. Light turned green and took off. Had the license plate and all. i don’t understand their filming schedule or what they were doing in Plymouth…..

  19. Someone else told me about the batmobile. I suspect this is the vehicle owned by a guy in Northville and on its way to the Woodward Dream Cruise rather than the one for the movie.

  20. They are filming something at the Old Wayne County Building. Movie trucks are parked alongside and it looked as if crew was heading inside. Not sure if this is the movie or not but possibly.

  21. They’re filming at the Old Courthouse on Randolph today. Crews were out and we talked to security who told us they would be filming all day. We didn’t see any big stars, just extras getting set up. All filming is inside the building though.

    • Thought this had made it to the thread yesterday, looks like they were at 1300 Beaubien yesterday and were still set up at Old Detroit Police Department.

      Actually, looks like they are still there:

      @D3T0N8R The Gotham Police are in force today…in Detroit! #BatmanvSuperman pic.twitter.com/ZyTilgyolq (retweet via @bananadoc)

      And Thanks Jerry! Appreciate the update!

  22. BvS will be shooting near the intersection of Michigan and Roosevelt near Mike’s Famous Ham Place. Mike’s Facebook page said they will be closed all day on Thursday (8/28) due to filming in the area. 🙂

    • There are some tweets with pics by @D3T0N8R Turned an old Deli into Ralli’s Diner. In one of the comics it’s supposed to be a scene with Lex Luthor and a waitress, but no one saw anything as far as I know. Today though there are signs they may be setting up at Michigan Central Station.

      • thanks, we’ll have to check out those pics, at least they are finally doing more on location! and thanks for the head’s up on today too!

  23. I just heard BVS is back at Russell Industrial this week…has anyone else heard anything for this week? Assuming they would still be working at night…

  24. just an fyi – casting call looking for “down and out vagrants” for overnight filming on 9/25 – 9/26 in Detroit -not sure if they will be at the same location, but it’s something to go on for the end of the week if they start moving around again…thanks.

    • you have to be registered with them, it’s not an open call…I got it from someone, who got it from someone else, etc, etc…I don’t get them all, not registered, just happened to see this one…

  25. I thought I left a comment about this yesterday but it must not have stuck…according to casting calls they were back in Pontiac overnight last night…next seems to be MSU

  26. heard through the grapevine there is a casting call for military types on Sat. The scene they are needed for is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 29 in Detroit (just fyi).

  27. “Batman v. Superman” Films at Lex Luthor’s House

    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” production crews have been filming this week at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum on the campus of Michigan State University.

    In order to keep details of what was being filmed under wraps, fake hedges were put up around the museum’s perimeter put that still did not stop cameras from capturing several images of the shoot which revealed the museum is being used to double as Lex Luthor’s house.

    Full article: https://www.supermansupersite.com/10161008.html

  28. They will be filming in Orion Oaks County Park October 21. Saw big trucks pulling in there tonight. Been building a set inside park for past 4 weeks.

  29. My husband said it looked like a movie shoot was setting up on M-24 just south of Dryden Road in Metamora. I know that the camp near there was a location for this film.

  30. My husband and a friend both said they saw filming happening from a helicopter. My husband said he was on M-24 south of Dryden Rd.

  31. They are back filming in Orion Oaks. Was there all day Saturday 10/25/2014. One of the guards said they will be there for two weeks.


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