Upcoming Filming Locations for ‘The Walking Dead’ on June 20 – July 1


Norman Reedus is going have a busy week.

Not only is his upcoming movie, Triple Nine, filming on location in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday, but The Walking Dead is also scheduled to film on location in Griffin and Senoia, GA in the coming days.

Below is a list of several upcoming Walking Dead filming locations:

June 20: The Easy Shop Supermarket, 375 N 13th St, Griffin.

June 23 & 24: Rock House Rd from Crawford Rd to Old Ga 85 in Senoia

June 27 & July 1: Bank St and South Hill St – S 6th St AND S. Hill St from E Taylor St – E Solomon St in Griffin.

June 30: 6th between E Central Ave and E Bank St AND E. Solomon St between N. Hill St and S 5th St in Griffin.

If you can’t make it to Georgia you can still immerse yourself into the world of The Walking Dead over Fourth of July weekend when AMC runs all four seasons of the series leading up to a new episode of The Talking Dead that will preview Season 5.

Thanks to Joe, Neal, John, & ‏@bcb7234 for the info! If you spot The Walking Dead filming in Georgia this summer, send us your tips and pics at olv@onlocationvacations.com!

UPDATE: Please see our calendar for updated information, the Rock House Rd shoot is now taking place on Friday, 6/27 and Monday, 6/30.


  1. The filming locations for June 27 & 30 and July 1 are in Griffin, not Senoia. I know this because I live in Senoia and am very familiar with Griffin.

    • I think that was a typo on my part, the tip was Griffin and it was right in Calendar so I think I jut copied it over wrong, hope it didn’t’ cause any confusion. I corrected it.

  2. It looks like they are in griffin today, June 24. Just came down Hill Street and something is definitely being taped. Trash (or something) all over the road and film crews.

  3. Definitely in downtown Griffin right now. There are abandoned and burned out cars on side streets right off of hill st. Lots of trash and debris too.

  4. Will filming be finished July 1st? How close can you get to watch? I appreciate any help. I am looking at driving from several hours away with my kids.

  5. do you know how it works if you got to the set..i mean what time do they start fimling..can you meet them? how close an you get ? thanks going up mon and tues coming up

  6. There was scouting in griffin today. Talked to security officer who was keeping a eye on one of the trailer’s in a parking lot. Went over to Sonia and saw a road closures where they filmed a scene from the end of season two. Drove around road closure to stumble across cars and equipment for the show. Drove through the lot,only to see Andrew Lincolin walking to his trailer. I called his name and told him my wife and myself are huge fans. He stopped to take a pic of my wife and my baby daughter. Awesome way to end a vacation.

  7. Does anyone know where Norman Reedus will be tomorrow July 2nd? I know he was in Griffin ga today fans were taking pics with him. We are driving down tomorrow but want to know a location.

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  9. Does anyone know where they might be filming on August 5th? I will be in Atlanta and will go just about anywhere to find the site! Thank you!

  10. Hi All,
    My husband & I (married 22 years!!) r traveling in USA for the whole month of august !!!… We have 3 kids – 2 hav autism & it’s our first time ever away from them….. Our 2 favourite tv shows are special victims unit & the walking dead…..
    If there is anyone out there who can give us any information – we would luv to meet or watch anything to do with these shows!???
    Fingers crossed!!!!
    Mel McILroy – Perth Western Australia

  11. Hello friends,

    Will be in the Atlanta Area on Aug 4th and 5th, does anyone know where they will be filming on that day? Would LOVE to stop by and sneak a peak. Thank you so much!!!!

  12. Does anyone know of the walking dead filming locations August 21-25? My husband and I are staying in griffin during that time.


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