Is ‘Batman V. Superman’ filming in Metamora, MI right now?


According to one of our tipsters, Batman V. Superman, which has primarily been filming in studio in Pontiac, MI, is also filming in Metamora, MI.

Here’s what she had to say:

They are putting the finishing touches on a glass house they built to resemble a Frank Lloyd Wright house. [They are expected to be filming] there [sometime] Sunday (6/29). The glass house they built for the movie is somewhere in Metamora, MI. I’m not sure if they will be there any other days, too.

This report does line-up with a report that was going around earlier in the year from The County Press that said the movie would be filming around a lake house in Metamora.

Metamora Township officials have confirmed that crews from Warner Bros. Pictures are currently working at a location on the former Camp Metamora property off Caley Road in preparation for filming of the newest Batman film…The property, according to Eady, is owned by the Girl Scouts and is vacant. The former camp buildings have all been torn down but, he said, film crews are actually constructing a house on the property near Otsikita Lake.

According to this original post, BVS was only expected to film one scene in the house before tearing it all down.

If you have any scoop about BVS filming in Metamora (or anywhere) let us know about it at!


  1. I live downtown and haven’t seen anything. They are being much sneakier about this then they were with Transformers.

    I did hear/see noises and lights Monday night that sounded like they could have been filming but never got outside to look.


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