‘Black Mass’ filming updates from Massachusetts


Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch are continuing to film scenes for Black Mass in Boston to the delight of fans.

Here are the latest filming location updates:

On Monday 7/7 and Tuesday 7/8 Black Mass is expected to film on Gilson Rd in Quincy. According to reports, there are palm trees and stucco facades going up along the street to mimic the Southern California neighborhood where “Whitey” (Johnny Depp) was arrested.

Originally, the movie had notified residents on Putnam St in East Boston they would be filming on their street tomorrow, 7/3, but due to inclement weather it looks like the movie will now be filming interiors in a warehouse/studio.

And, according to our original sources, Black Mass should still be scheduled to shoot on Fid Kennedy in Boston on 7/9.

UPDATE: Black Mass is filming/ setting up for filming in Revere Beach on 7/9, here are the street closures and details.

A huge thank you to all who are contributing and helping fellow fans track down filming locations in Boston. If you’re also tracking Black Mass filming locations, make sure you chime in over in this Black Mass Comments Thread!



  1. I’ve seen an open casting call for cars to be filmed on July 9 and 12th on Revere Beach. So will they be there instead of Fid Kennedy on July 9th?

      • Hi Linda, so will BC be at FID Kennedy Ave. or Revere Beach? Please, Please clarify, since I’ll only have one shot at this and I’m trying to get an adequate photo for my friend in Hungary who can’t be here.

        • I mean on the 9th. I just realized someone else mentioned the 12th… will BC be filming on the 12th too?

          • hi Toni
            to the best of my knowledge:
            BC isnt filming till sometime next week.
            the Quincy shoot (Gilson St) is JD. but he wont be there till tomorrow (8th)
            the Revere Beach scene is suppose to be MIAMI , not Revere… so thats anyones game on whos gonna show …but its a JD scene as well

  2. does anyone know if Ben is going to be in quincy next week on monday july 7? i live in quincy so i want to see if i can actually see him 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure the Quincy dates are JD shots. It’s a pretty small area and I’m afraid they’ll have the whole area blocked off (did a drive by last night just to see and get some pix).

  4. I’ve been trying to figure out what they would be shooting on FID Kennedy Avenue, so I plugged in “Bulger” and and “Marine Industrial Park.” It seems to be the murder of Halloran they’re shooting, right outside ANTHONY’S PIR 4 Restarant at 140 Norhtern Avenue. Or that seems logical, anyway. Which would mean Johny would need to film there, since Bulger killed Halloran himself. Here are two URL’s for the story (I’ll drop this on the other thread too):



    I’m really unsure what this means to the shooting schedule, it’s just important to me that I choose the right day and the right place to go in Boston on my one day off, trying to snap a photo of Benedict.

  5. Okay, and I’ll share my reason for thinking BC won’t be filming at Revere Beach too (also on the other thread):

    Well, I found just about nothing to connect Billy Bulger to Revere Beach, but I found gobs relating Whitey to Revere and Revere Beach. From an on line article: “Richie Castucci (one of Whitey’s victims) owned the Ebb Tide lounge on Revere Beach, where the infamous Teddy Deegan hit and countless other crimes were plotted. It was such a bucket of blood that Castucci, a heavy gambler as well as a nightclub owner, changed the name of the Ebb Tide to the Beach Ball in the late 60’s.”

    Apparently, after they killed this guy in a garage in Somerville, they stuffed his body in the trunk of his own car and parked it behind an apartment complex in Revere.

    Hmmm. I think if they have Benedict filming in either location (FID Kennedy Ave. or Revere Beach) the locations will be incidental. I also find that huge parking area on FID Kennedy Ave. interesting. Maybe they’ll use it as a staging area for the scene driving up and down Northern Avenue. They’ll certainly have enough room for all their vehicles and crew.

  6. I think Ben will only restart shooting next week , so I will wait until then to go because driving from Québec city is quite a road trip.

    • I heard he has this week off (not sure if he’s still hanging around in Boston or not) but will be back shooting next week.

  7. No RV. I walked all around and was told Johnny won’t be there till tomorrow.

    And having 2 threads to follow now really sucks. Thanks a lot Christine.

  8. hi everyone 🙂
    Does anyone know where JD will b filming tomorrow-Revere or Gilson rd Quincy??
    Im going to Boston in the am and dont want to get lost going to the wrong location
    thank u for the updates

    • Gilson Rd , Quincy… Scene being filmed is the ‘Arrest of Whitey Bulger’

      then Johnny’s off to Revere Beach (see other post below) for the rest of the week.

  9. Yeah, I have 2 windows open too. It sucks. And it keeps putting my email address in wrong and I have to change it.

    • Joanne:
      I didnt go today, seeing I knew Johnny wasnt gonna be there.
      Hopefully I’ll get there tomorrow
      I’ll let you know
      If I get there, I’ll be sure to look for you both…. 🙂

  10. They’re filming at Gilson Road, but we can’t get very close, and there’s no sign of JD or his RV Sienna Miller went in about 1/2 an hour ago. They’re filming her arrest now.

  11. (Posting in both threads.)

    Hi guys, I don’t think JD will be at the Miami set on Revere Beach tommorrow, since that seems to be for the murder of Roger Wheeler and I read that Whitey didn’t do that murder hands on. He sent his thugs.

    So those looking for JD are more likely to see him on FID Kennedy Ave and up Northern Avenue to Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant where Whitey killed Halloran himself. — logically, anyway — but then, they made Quincy into CA, with palm trees and all.

  12. I have no idea (see other thread.)

    All I know is that’s where Whitey killed Halloran (Anthonies Pier 4 Restaurant. I find that huge parking area up next to the water on FID Kennedy very interesting. Maybe they’re making their own set over there. Has anyone driven over there and looked? Don’t they have to start setting stuff up like that? After all the FID Kennedy shoot is supposed to be tomorrow…

  13. Yep, that’s the one. Today was a total washout except I found out they won’t be filming at Revere Beach until Thursday because the weather was supposed to be crappy tomorrow and they rescheduled for a soundstage.

    Benedict is off until Monday. Apparently he was seen hanging with Ed Sheeran in town over the weekend (source celebitchy).

  14. Revere Beach is being “staged’ now..
    Beach Cabanas and palm trees all set up and ready to go for tomorrow…(making the spot real easy to find 😉 )

  15. The crew have no idea about next week. The don’t get the shoot list for the week until the beginning of the week.

  16. This sounds awesome. I will probably try to get out next week to see BC if I can figure out where he is. Can I join this party?

    • In Lynn! Well, maybe they only had to shoot some backdrop of the area the shooting actually took place — outside Anthony’s Pier 4. There was also the cops in the car on Northern Ave. Maybe all they needed was to drive with a camera out the window for awhile. On the other hand — that took place at night. Maybe they’ll be driving some cars around the area late tonight and filming that with no actors??? Someone else wondered how they could use the restaraunt since it was so run down, etc. I guess they didn’t worry about that and shot it in Lynn instead!

  17. Toni, BOSTON GLOBE June 4th
    Judging from photos taken in recent days on the set of the Whitey Bulger movie “Black Mass,” director Scott Cooper isn’t skimping on violence. This week, Cooper re-created the 1982 murder of Brian Halloran, who was killed by Bulger as he left the Topside Café with Michael Donahue. In the scene, which was shot in Lynn because the gentrification of the South Boston waterfront has rendered the place virtually unrecognizable, Johnny Depp, who plays Bulger, is seen with a rifle as he stalks past the bodies of Halloran and Donahue. Halloran, you’ll recall, was murdered because he’d implicated the mob boss in the death of Oklahoma business tycoon Roger Wheeler.

  18. Aha! You know they said from the beginning they would shoot at FID Kennedy, but maybe when they got out there they decided it just wouldn’t do anymore. Maybe that’s why no-one’s seeing any activity or set up over there. Hmm. Gives you some perspective on the huge logistics problem recreating historical events. I can’t wait to see the film!

  19. Nothing happening at REVERE today…so I decided to multi-task and go for a swim while I was already there… 😉
    will stop by later tonight just to see if anything’s up .

  20. ok… my SIL got called in to work last night, today & tomorrow, for added security…
    Seems they are calling around Everywhere for more Security guards for the crowds expected at the Revere Beach shoot today & tomorrow They are ‘locking down’ the entire Boulavard and Ocean st… so if you are planning to go to Revere Beach, I suggest you get there early if you want to get thru the barriers and get close enough to see anything.
    Good Luck !

  21. Mornin’ Linda. How confusing! I looked for more info about this restaurant’s connection to the Bulger’s and I ran across this:


    Here, they’re saying that BILLY Bulger (BC!!!) spent a great deal of time at Anthony’s Pier 4, NOT Anthony’s Hawthorn. I wonder if he spent a lot of time at BOTH.

    Are we certain they aren’t ALSO trying to rehab the Pier 4 restaurant for a shoot? If not, I think THIS may be the place to catch a glimpse of BC next. What do you think, Linda?



  22. Hi guys, can you do a big favor for all your Cumberbitch friends and ask the crew when and where Benedict Cumberbatch will be filming again, then post anything you learn? You’ll get massive karma points for it 🙂 along with our deepest gratitude!

  23. I’ve continued to look for a connection between Billy Bulger to Anthony’s Hawthorne Restaurant in Lynn. Unfortunately, all I see is that Billy AND Whitey spent a great deal of time at Anthony’s Pier 4 Restaurant and both restaurants were owned by Anthony Athanas. So it does seem likely that both brothers spent at least some time at the Hawthorne restaurant too, and apparently they can’t film at Pier 4 because it’s far too dilapidated…. hmmm… is it possible that we’re setting up for a scene with BOTH Benedict AND Johnny??? (Confession: I have NOT read BLACK MASS.)


  24. Hi guys, I’m going to mention this again, since the comments keep moving up. and I’m praying someone who reads this will be willing to go to Lynn and take a look at a set today to help determine if they will be filming there tomorrow and maybe ask the crew if Benedict will be there. If someone goes, and reports their findings here, you will be everyone’s hero!

    This is the evidence of why we should be so excited about this set:


    Here’s the address (confirmed by a google maps street view of the restaurant): Anthony’s Hawthorne restaurant — 95 Oxford Street in Lynn (do NOT confuse it with Hawthorne by the Sea; that’s a different restaurant.)

    There’s a very good chance both Johnny and Benedict will be filming together there, but it could just be Johnny. The thing is, both Billy and Whitey were tight with Anthony Athanas who owned that restaurant, and we know they both hung out very often at Athanas’ other restaurant, Anthony’s Pier 4 (Billy schmoozing with the city’s elite and powerful and Whitey sitting by himself at the bar) so it would make sense that they also hung out at Anthony’s Hawthorne and the brothers had to have run into each other multiple times in Anthony’s restaurants. WARNING: this is all just surmise.

    Apparently, they couldn’t shoot at Anthony’s Pier 4, since it’s just too dilapidated, and they’ve been fixing up Anthony’s Hawthorne. There’s supposedly even a security guard positioned in front of the building to prevent people from interfering. Someone saw them move a bar into the building. (Read the article above.)

    It would be great to get a pair of eyes on that building between now and Monday. Please, pretty please… anyone?

  25. Hi everyone, someone on Tumblr says they spotted BC at Logan Airport yesterday — I’d provide a link, but they clearly snapped an unauthorized photo while he was eating, and I think that’s wrong, so I won’t be party to that.

    This may mean they’ve already shot the restaurant scene, or it’s only Johnny’s scene, or Benedict is coming back.

    I wish he’d do some public appearance we could attend in Boston, instead of forcing us to hunt for filming locations. Maybe he’ll show up for Boston Comic-Con. I think it would be a bit unfair for him to do a public event across the country (San Diego Comic-Con) and not show some love for the city that’s hosted him all this time.

      • Well, I hope Boston has become a big deal to BC — at least enough to make him do one public appearance here. Something his fans can attend — like our pitiful little Boston Comic-Con (which I will be attending already, along with many of his fans!)

  26. Hi guys, I just called Lombardo’s and asked an “innocent” question of the girl who answered. I asked her if they were allowing any onlookers into Lombardos while Johnny Depp was filming. She said No, unfortunately not. So I said, but you must be excited since you might get to meet him. She said, “yeah, we work here, so she we hope so.”

    I would call this confirmation. Johnny Depp, tonight at Lomabrdo’s in Randolph.

    OH. By the way, I asked her if Benedict would be filming too and she didn’t know…hmmm… no confirmation as to his whereabouts AT ALL!

  27. More sneaky confirmation folks!!! I just called the fitness club at the Nashawtuc Country club and asked them if the fitness facility and the golf course were still open during filming. He said, “yes, but we’re providing a shuttle, since the parking will be difficult.” I acted annoyed and asked how late this was going on. He said it would be all day. Then I said, well maybe I’d wait until tomorrow and asked, “they’re not filming tomorrow too, are they.” He said, “no, just today.” I said, “well at least it’s for Black Mass and at least it’s a movie about Massachusetts history.” He said, “yes, at least there’s that.”

    I may stop there after work…

  28. Hi guys. I went to the nashawtuc in concord. They’re neing very strict, and I didn’t feel like being pushy since neither jd nor bc should be there (if they’re filming wheeler’s murder, as I suspect) I only got a deliberately goofy few shots of the signs. I don’t know if you can see anything interesting if you pretend to be a club member or something…

  29. Alright folks, I’ve been digging again, to speculate on what they may be filming on Federal Street in Boston. First, such offices as exist in this location would be perfect for anything related to the FBI or to political offices, so already, this makes me wonder if Kevin Bacon and/or Benedict will be there. I can’t see much relating Whitey directly to this area or indeed to high-rise office buildings, so maybe no Johnny? Unless he’s shown either meeting with the FBI or under arrest?

    The most interesting thing I discovered was on the map. The Boston College Club (that Billy Bulger (Benedict) was a member of) is located at 100 Federal Street, Floor 36. The parking permits they got are located on either side of that building, leaving a large gap right in front of the building. A large gap that could be cleared and filled with old cars… hmmm? Although, maybe the cars don’t need to be quite so old this time?

    Billy Bulger apparently spent a lot of time at the club and they even threw a big retirement shindig for him there in 2003 when he was ousted from his job as President of UMASS Amherst.


    Could this be what they’re filming?

    So, we know Benedict is in London right now. We know he could fly back tomorrow. We know the scenes at Anthony’s Hawthorn in Lynn may or may not involve Billy, since he was also a patron of Anthony Athanas’ restaurants. We know they’re shooting there on the 21st. We know they are also working on Federal Street all this coming week and at least on the 28th and the 30th. We know Benedict will be at San Diego Comic-Con from the 24th through the 27th. We know if Benedict doesn’t come back to the US before Comic-Con, he will still be able to film on the 28th and the 30th.

    Two things I don’t know, but maybe someone else does are: When and where is Kevin Bacon filming? (Federal Street?) And did Billy Bulger ever meet directly with the FBI bigwig, McGuire (Bacon)?

    We know the FBI met with Billy, even if he wasn’t very cooperative. It seems to me, the FBI would send a big-wig like McGuire to talk to a powerful man like Billy Bulger… just a thought…

    There’s one other thing we know from Boston Electrical permits: They’ve been beefing up the wiring to that building and specifically to the 34th floor (not the 36th?) since June (I’d have trouble leading you the place I acquired the spreadsheet detailing this info, since I lost track of the tab and now just have the downloaded document.)

    That’s all I’ve got — just more speculation.

  30. A MESSAGE FROM LINDA (who’s having trouble posting here at the moment, but really wants to keep everyone updated):

    Well, here’s the scoop on the Lynn shoot tomorrow…just got this in:

    CP Casting is seeking MEN for BACKGROUND EXTRA WORK TOMORROW, Monday, July 21 starting at 6:00am, and working ALL DAY in Lynn, MA.

    Men 26-38 years old. Please EMAIL a recent photo or headshot ASAP with a phone number to contact you at today. It is for a scene in Black Mass that is a restaurant scene of FBI Agents having dinner.

    Linda also theorizes this means there will be no Johnny tomorrow.


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