More photos and videos from the NYC set of ‘White Collar’

whitecollar nezabudka1 june 12

As White Collar continues filming their final season in NYC, the cast also continues to generously spend time posing with fans on their breaks.

Here are a few more photos and videos fans have shared with us from the set over the past few weeks.

Keep an eye on our Daily Filming Locations to find out where White Collar is filming next!

white collar Nshimmie26 june 27

white collar saodakeya

white collar saranewberry75

whitecollar @_sumaiyahh 3

whitecollar laurie

whitecollar Madhvi

whitecollar ShiManhattan1te



whitecollar nezabudka1 june 12

White Collar Vertigirl1984 june 12

whitecollar CasellaMk  612

whitecollar Joymal91

Thanks to @Nshimmie26, @saodakeya, @saranewberry75, @_sumaiyahh, Laurie, @Madhvi, @ShiManhattan1te, @lisakadlec, Joanne, @nezabudka1, @Vertigirl1984, @CasellaMk,and @Joymal911 (in order) for the photos!

Video credit: @TheRealEliRey, @Chattaboxy


  1. White Collar is the most fun on TV and it breaks my heart for it to end. I know it can’t go on forever, but there are not many shows that have such great characters, good action and suspense, and great wit that sometimes requires some intelligence and knowledge of pop culture as well as history and current events in order to get the humor. I will miss it sorely, but I hope to see all the actors in great new roles really soon. Thank you for the all the set photos.

  2. I was so happy and fortunate to meet Matt on July 11th. As most fans I am also very sad that the show is ending. I am hoping to go back to NYC before they finished filming for the season. I would love to get more pictures with the cast.


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