Brangelina are headed to Malta


Last month we reported that Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie went to Malta, the purpose of their trip was to look for potential filming locations. Well it seems as if they were happy with what they saw, according to sources, Brangeline have decided to go ahead with the movie.

The Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat tells¬†Us Weekly, “I’m happy that Hollywood producers have once again chosen Malta for their project, and we will be delighted to host Mr. Pitt, Ms. Jolie, and their family for the second time in just a few years.” The last time the family graced the island was in 2011 when Pitt was filmed World War Z there.

Filming is expected to begin sometime at the end of August and last for roughly eight weeks. While the plot is still unknown it is rumored to be a love story, written by Jolie. She told reporters the movie wasn’t a big budget movie, and also wouldn’t be an action movie.¬†“It’s the kind of movie we love but aren’t often cast in,” she added. “It’s a very experimental, independent-type film where we get to be actors together and be really raw, open, try things.”



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