Tuesday, July 22 Filming Locations for Sleepy Hollow, Person of Interest, The Good Wife, Chicago PD, and more

Lindsey and Taylor Kinney

Here’s a look at what’s filming on location for Tuesday, July 22, 2014:

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Filming in California:

Matador is filming at 929 E 2nd St, Los Angeles (5:00 AM – 10:00 PM).

Rizzoli & Isles is filming at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

Sons of Anarchy is filming at/in the vicinity of their studio in North Hollywood.

Castle is filming around Osborne St and Foothill Blvd in Sylmar.

Broken Vows is filming at 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 10:00 PM).

Filming in Georgia:

The Walking Dead is filming off of W Quilly St, near N 13th St in Griffin again. We’ve heard the best time to catch them is early (very early) in the morning.

Filming in Illinois:

Something is filming near the Sears Tower at Wacker and Adams in Chicago. (Thanks @filming_chicago)

Sense8 is filming at 2700 S California Blvd in Chicago.

Chicago PD is filming on S Normal Ave and W 44th Pl, Chicago. (Thanks @tiffynrob812)

Filming in Louisiana:

Fantastic Four is filming at Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge.

Filming in Massachusetts:

Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp, is filming around Federal St and High St in Boston this week. Join in the conversation about where they are filming next in the comments here.

Filming in Michigan:

Batman V. Superman continues filming, discuss the shoot with other fans here.

Filming in New York:

Trainwreck is filming at Right St and Canal in Staten Island (they are suppose to be filming around the ferry).

The Intern will be filming at Yonkers Studio in Yonkers.

Blue Bloods is filming  at Broadway Stages in Brooklyn.

Orange Is The New Black is filming at Rockland Children’s Psych Center in Orangeburg. 

The Nest is filming at Gold Coast Studios in Long Island.

Flesh & Bone is filming at 63rd St and 5th Ave in NYC.

Boardwalk Empire is filming around S. 3rd St and Berry St – Wythe Ave, Brooklyn.

White Collar is filming at Silvercup Studios East in Long Island City. FYI: Signs for filming at 51st Ave and 25th St in Long Island City AND around 99th and 1st St in NYC, too. (Thanks @Gurli_K)

Girls is filming at Bond and Bowery in NYC.

Elementary  is filming at Silvercup Studio East in Long Island City.

Gotham is filming at 70th – 73rd St and Amsterdam in NYC. (Thanks @marylou5 and Drew)

The Family Fang is filming at Farragut Rd and Ocean Ave in Brooklyn.

Person of Interest is filming at 49th – 52nd St and 5th- 6th Ave in NYC.  (Thanks @erinh830)

Daredevil is filming at Broadway Stages in Brooklyn.

Person of Interest is filming at 138th and Adam Clayton Powell in NYC. (Thanks @ShiManhattan1te)

The Good Wife is filming at Hoover Ave and Queens Blvd – 132 St in Queens.

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Filming in North Carolina:

Sleepy Hollow is filming at 2002 Princess Pl and Water St and Nutt St in Wilmington

Filming in Tennessee:

Nashville is filming around Pinewood Rd and Leipers Creek Rd, Franklin.

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    • A couple of people reported going to 99th & 1st and there was nothing there. No pics showing up on Twitter or Instagram, so I’d guess studio.

  1. Does anyone know of White Collar ia filming on streets this week??? I am in NY until friday and was really hoping to see them!!!!

  2. Does anyone know if White Collar is filming on streets this week??? I am in NY until friday and was really hoping to see them!!!!

  3. NY: Flesh and Bone is filming Wed house scenes in Yonkers at 26 Hamprshire Road. This same house was featured in “Hostages” and “The Sitter”

  4. The guys from sons were filing out on the street in front of TM automotive. Jax, Chibbs, Bobby, Tigg, some other SOA dudes, some Mayans, some black dudes. All on their bikes. Juice and Otto were there but not filing. And damn Jax is even sexier in person.

  5. Not sure if its a movie or TV, but something filming on spring, kenmare, Elizabeth and Mott. Lots of bright lights and trucks.


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