‘Batman V Superman’ filming updates from Pontiac and Detroit, MI


We have a couple more updates on Batman V Superman filming locations in Detroit and Pontiac, MI.

One of our readers, Jay, stopped by the BVS site currently being built in Detroit and gave us this update (along with the photos below):

I was downtown Detroit earlier and they are continuing to build a set for a scene in Batman V Superman. The news had reported that they weren’t sure if it was for that movie, however the security guards there are asking everyone to stop taking pictures, they said it’s copyright material owned by Warner Brothers and that they are threatening to sue. So it is definitely for the Batman movie. The security guard also said that he is in the [Army Reserve], and that they security company specifically requested people who have military experience to work this detail, and that tonight there will be additional security coming it to guard the site, most likely off-duty state police. He said that 2 people have already been caught running onto the lot, they are pretty sensitive if you put one toe on the grass they are all over you telling you to back up it’s private property, however there is nothing they can do on the sidewalk. After awhile the security guard also stated that all he can do is ask people to not take pictures he can’t personally prevent it.

As we reported last week, it looks like filming at and around this site will begin Aug. 6. It will be interesting to see how they handle onlookers once filming actually begins.

In other news, we’ve also heard they will be filming somewhere around their Pontiac Studio for the next three days (July 27 -29). We don’t have any details yet, but it does sound like they will be on location for the first time in quite awhile, albeit close by.

If you happen to spot BVS filming or have scoop about where they’ll be next, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!






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