James Franco begins filming ‘Michael’ in New York


James Franco has started filming his next movie, Michael, in and around New York City.

The biopic is based on The New York Times Magazine article about ex-gay activist Michael Glazte.

Franco stars as the gay activist who, after years of struggling, becomes an anti-gay Christian pastor.

Zachary Quinto, Avan Jogia, and Charlie Carver also star.

Today, Michael is filming at 443 Ocean Ave in East Rockaway. If you spot Michael filming, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. James Franco blew off his fans big time, he made us wait from the morning until night and they promised us that everyone a
    Gets a picture with James Franco but instead he takes only one picture and not everyone got a picture, he isn’t nice to his fans

  2. Also I waited from 3 in the afternoon to 11:00 and he lied to us big time, I thought he was nicer to his fans but we were mistaken and I have lost respect for him completely, James Franco is mean in person

  3. Everybody was very angry at Franco and we all thought he was a nice guy but heavely we all were wrong don’t ever waste your time trying to meet him he will just lie and you never get a picture from him

  4. I met james today and he was very rude and rushed everyone for a picture and all he was saying was “IF YOU DONT HURRY UP AND TAKE A PICTURE RIGHT NOW YOU WONT GET ONE AND HURRY UP HURRY UP”. He didn’t even say goodbye and barely smiled.. maybe he was tired but that wasn’t what I expected.

  5. We saw him today in Oceanside on Skillman Avenue. He has never been shy about telling people he does not like taking pictures with fans, but we were fortunate enough to get a group shot with other fans there, and the woman whose phone the pic was taken on sent the pic to everyone there. Zachary Quinto, his co-star, took individual photos with everyone there.


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