Liam Hemsworth begins filming ‘By Way of Helena’ in Mississippi


A new movie has transformed the Florewood State Park in Greenwood, MS into a frontier town straight out of the old west.

By Way of Helena is set in “the Great Plains of 1880s, Texas Ranger David is sent to the secretive and isolated town of Mount Hermon to investigate the murders and disappearances of the local population. Elusive, charismatic and unsettling preacher Abraham seems to be holding all the townsfolk in some kind of fearful grip — and he and David go back further than anyone realizes. As David uncovers the secret behind the murders, he finds himself facing the forces of the town alone, culminating in a bloody manhunt.”

Liam Hemsworth stars as David while Woody Harrelson will play Abraham.

Yesterday film crews were spotted working at the park which has been closed to the public since 2004 due to needed renovations. The area is also serving as the movie’s production offices and base camp.

Production began a couple of weeks ago and is expected to continue into November. If you spot By Way of Helena filming in Greenwood, let us know about it at!

Source: Washington Times, Variety



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