Meryl Streep filming ‘Ricki and the Flash’ in Rye, NY


The highly anticipated film Ricki and the Flash has started filming around NYC.

The movie has been filming with star Meryl Streep in Rye, NY since Monday. Streep plays a hard partying rocker who had put her career before her family and is now trying to reunite with her estranged kids. Kevin Kline, Rick Springfield and Streep’s real life daughter, Mamie Gummer, also star.

There are a few heavy hitters behind the camera, too. The movie was written by Diablo Cody and is being directed by Jonathan Demme.

If you spot Ricki filming this fall, let us know about it at!


  1. Today I went to the Supermarket Deccicco’s in Harrison, NY. Paramount Pictures was there setting up trailers and scenes in for the movie. They will be there until tomorrow morning. Meryl Streep will be arriving late this afternoon. The market is still open for you shop or just be an observer.


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