‘Game of Thrones’ filming at the Alcázar Palace in Seville, Spain


This week Game of Thrones was spotted filming in Spain, where they had put out a casting call for extras earlier this year.

On Tuesday, the HBO series filmed scenes on the Roman Bridge of Cordoba. There has been rumors for weeks that GOT would use the bridge but locals had no idea when the production would arrive.

After wrapping up at the bridge they moved to the Alcázar Palace in Seville. According to the palace’s website, there will be “partial closures” on the property until the end of October for filming.

Producers have gained special permission to tint the water of the pools in the palace’s courtyard gardens dark blue with a special eco-friendly product that evaporates after use.

After Game of Thrones finishes filming in Seville, their next location will be in Osuna, “a small hilltop town surrounded by olive groves located around 80 kilometres away from Seville”, for a battle scene.


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