Filming underway for Sons of Anarchy’s final episode


This is a bit of spoiler, but its a good spoiler.

This week the cast and crew of Sons of Anarchy is filming the show’s final episode and we know that at least Nero and Jax will make it that far.

There has been a lot of speculation, especially after some super secretive filming that took last week, that at least one major character will die right before the final episode. If this is true, we know it probably isn’t Nero or Jax.

Yesterday, Charlie Hunnam and Jimmy Smits were spotted filming a scene together for the last episode at the show’s TM set in North Hollywood. David Labrava (Happy) was also seen on set.

Today, filming continued in Eagle Rock and Pasadena. The show is expected to be done filming, for good, this week.

If you spot SOA filming or have stories to share about meeting the cast, let us know about it at!

Thanks to @mariiiiamx3 for the photo!


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