Christian Slater filming ‘Mr. Robot’ in NYC


Christian Slater is giving prime time TV another try.

Over the past five years Slater has had 4 network series – Mind Games, Breaking In, The Forgotten, and My Own Worst Enemy – that last no more than one season.

Right now, Slater is filming a pilot for USA, entitled Mr Robot, about “a young programmer, Elliot (Rami Malek, 24), who suffers from an antisocial disorder and can only connect to people by hacking them.” Slater will star as “Mr. Robot, a mysterious anarchist who recruits Elliot into an underground hacker organization intent on bringing down corporate America.”

Today, Mr. Robot is filming around 2nd Ave and east 39 street in NYC.

If you spot Mr. Robot filming in NYC, let us know about it at!


  1. Actually, Breaking In was brought back after cancellation for a second season. Of course, it was then cancelled again, so your point stands. I’ve actually liked most of Slater’s TV shows, so here’s hoping he finally gets a break. (Besides, if he’s filming this, he won’t be filming things like Alone in the Dark, so that’s something)


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