‘Sons of Anarchy’ filming in Acton, CA


With today expected to be their very last day of filming, we thought the Sons of Anarchy cast and crew would be keeping things under wraps – and we were right.

Yesterday we heard they’d be working at their usual TM set/studio in North Hollywood set and today we have another lead as to where their final scenes might be taking place.

We’ve heard they are filming somewhere around Antelope Woods Rd in Acton, off of the Antelope Valley Fwy. Their production/directional signs will either read SOA or Pacific 2.1. Again, this might not be the exact location but we did hear someone saw a sign in this area this morning.

If you spot SOA today, leave a comment below to share with other fans or Tweet us so we can spread the word.


Here are more details: SOA filming at Crown Valley Rd in Acton, in front of thousand trails campground. (Thanks @mckings37)


  1. Soa base camp at crown valley rd and Sierra hwy in Acton. Just Saw filming in front of thousand trails campground in Acton on crown valley rd.

    • I’m sitting at tm now. Was told they don’t think they’re filming here tonight or tomorrow but who knows they might show up

    • Did you actually see them filming in that location in the last few hours, or do you know when they started? I’m trying to see if I should hang out at the north Hollywood studio and hope they show up there, or if it’s worth driving 30 minutes to the area you’re talking about 🙂

  2. Not sure if they’re still filming anywhere but I saw something interesting on the I5 coming south over the grapevine this morning. Right on the service road just before Castaic. About 20 fake looking chp cars, a film crew, and lots of bikes.


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