The Daily Planet is ready for its close-up in ‘Batman V Superman’

Today, crews for Batman V Superman transformed the lobby of 111 E Wacker Dr in Chicago into The Daily Planet.

Employees in the building received an email advising filming will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 11 which falls in line with this casting call looking for newspaper employees on Nov 11.

There are trailers already in place for “Bruce” and “Lois” outside the building, too.

This weekend the movie will be filming a big scene around the Willis Tower.

If you spot BVS filming in Chicago, let us know about it at!


  1. I too used to work in this building (111 E. Wacker) during the filming of The Dark Knight. If this lobby looks familiar, it was used for Bruce Wayne’s apartment during the Harvey Dent reception at which The Joker crashed.

    Now it’s Big Blue’s turn…



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