SOA Tuesday: The cast meets more fans, and their kids, on set


While filming their final season the cast of Sons of Anarchy was always happy to take photos with fans, and their kids.

Here are a just a few of the cute photos fans have shared of their kids with the guys of SOA.

If you have a story or photos to share from the set of SOA, let us know about it at, and watch for more behind the scenes photos next week!

Kelly and her daughter Lily had a great time meeting Mark Boone Junior and Kim Coates back in August:

SOAkidsKelly Lily Aug 2

SOAkidsKelly Lily Aug

‏@shayna0717 also met Tommy Flanagan, David Labrava, and Rusty Coones on the set with her son in September:


@taloula220 and her daughter met Charlie in September:



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