‘The Walking Dead’ wraps up filming season five this week


The cast and crew of The Walking Dead are expected to wrap up filming for the season tomorrow, Friday, 11/21.

This week they’ve been filming scenes inside the large wall around the Gin Property in Senoia, GA that they began building last summer. It looks like this is where most of the second half of the season will be set.

It is not a surprise the show is filming their last episode for the season now, they’ve wrapped up filming just before Thanksgiving since season one.

While The Walking Dead is on hiatus, graphic novel writer and producer Robert Kirkman will be busy working on the show’s spin-off. So far, the new show’s plot has been kept under wraps but we do know the show will exist on its own, will not be set in Georgia, will follow a new group of people through the same zombie apocalypse, and might be set during the first days of the pandemic.

The Walking Dead season 6 should begin filming in early May.



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