Where to see Stars in Miami Beach: LIV Nightclub


The internet is abuzz this week with gossip about Diddy and Drake’s weekend brawl, and we weren’t surprised to find out where it all went down.

Reportedly, Diddy punched Drake three times over a business deal at LIV in Miami Beach, where they were attending a birthday party for DJ Khaled, early Monday morning.

The swanky Club LIV, located in the Fontainbleau Hotel, is one of the most exclusive clubs in Miami, so it is no surprise it was also named one of the best places to spot a celebrity in town.

If you plan on going, be prepared to spend some big bucks, all of that exclusivity comes with a big price tag. A round for you and your friends could cost you hundreds.

Check out LIV’s upcoming schedule at livnightclub.com.


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