‘White Collar’ Throwback Thursday: Check out our last ‘White Collar’ set photos

WCJessica 13

As we have been doing for the past few weeks, we’re posting a few more fan photos from the set of White Collar in honor of the show’s final episodes. Unfortunately, these are the last few unpublished photos we have to share.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their set pics throughout the show’s time in New York City. Covering White Collar was one of our favorite shows to cover and we’ll miss as much as the show’s diehard fans!

Check out the pics below:

Murshea met Matt Bomer on set in June.

wc Murshea June

Yu-chi shared this photo taken with Matt, also in June.

WC Yu-chi June

Finally, Alicia met Willie Garson on the set in 2013.

WC Alicia 13

And, thanks to Jessica for sharing the top photo with Matt, too!



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