Comedian Gallagher is looking for an Upstate New York family to take him in


It wasn’t that long ago that Gallagher was a staple of late night television, but these days he’s looking to do more with his life, and he wants to do it in Upstate New York.

After arriving in Utica, NY last week for a charity event, Gallagher decided to stay. “I have a bucket list of things that will make the world a better place and I’ve decided to begin my work here in Utica,” he told a local radio host.

He further explained he wants to “experience real life in Utica” but, instead of buying a home or renting an apartment in the area, he’s looking for local families to take him in. “I have ideas that will make the world a better place and I’m starting by making a difference in Utica,” Gallagher said.

Apparently, the watermelon-smashing funnyman was moved to do good after surviving four heart attacks. “I told my doctor after I survived, I wasn’t going to use the time I was given to watch ‘Law and Order’ episodes I hadn’t seen yet, and that’s when I started my bucket list of things to do,” he added.

Utica’s WIBX is asking that locals willing to let Gallagher stay with them through the holidays call into their morning show and they’ll make the arrangements.

Get ready Andy Cohen, we sense a reality show pitch is coming your way any day now.

Source:, Photo: Wikipedia


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