Matt Bomer might be filming in New York again soon


The last episode of White Collar might be airing tonight, but that doesn’t mean the show’s star, Matt Bomer, is slowing down.

Matt just wrapped filming Magic Mike XXL and his current project, The Nice Guys, is about to wrap in Atlanta.

The actor also recently confirmed he’s still working on a movie about Montgomery Clift and his relationship with Elizabeth Taylor.

I’m currently trying to get a Montgomery Clift biopic off the ground—and that’s going really well so far. I never really know what interests me until I see it. I’d like to take a little time off to read something other than a script, see my family, visit some art galleries, that sort of thing, to refuel the tank. I know that I’d like to write and produce as well.

What’s more interesting is IMDb, along with a few trade publications, list Monty Clift’s filming location as New York and Los Angeles and its release date as 2015. So, it might not be long before we have Matt back on the streets of Manhattan!

Did you watch the final episode of White Collar? What did you think?


  1. The finale for White Collar was probably the best series finale I’ve ever seen. They had you the entire time. From tears, to jaw dropping moments, back to tears then smiles. Although I would have loved a FULL season, they did well in how they brought things to a close…or is it really done…that is the question. It ended at a good place but left the door cracked if they want to do a “follow up” a few years down the road, which as a diehard fan I hope they do! 🙂

  2. I loved the final scene wih Neal Caffrey in Paris where he had longed to be and the music La Mer was the perfect au revoir touch. Hope to see you again Neal.

  3. Loved the final scene with Neal and his fedora walking down a street in Paris with La Mer playing. Perfect. Hope to see you again. Will miss White Collar terribly. White Collar was the best show left on USA and now it’s gone and so am I.


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