Most Travel-Inspiring TV Show of 2014: ‘Welcome To Sweden’


Over the summer, I fell in love with Welcome To Sweden, the NBC comedy Greg Poehler based on his real-life experience of moving to Stockholm with his Swedish girlfriend, and the challenges he faced adapting to a new culture.

Because the show is set, and filmed, almost entirely in Sweden, it provides the rare opportunity for U.S. audiences to get a glimpse into the lives of Sweden’s people, places, and culture.

Welcome To Sweden’s first season was filmed in Stockholm during the summer and highlights some of the country’s most beautiful locations, including the Stockholm archipelago, a cluster of islands that stretch from the city to the Baltic Sea. Other episodes were filmed along the Norrström river and in the Stockholm City Centre.

If you missed Welcome To Sweden when it aired live on NBC, you can catch up on season one at

What TV show inspired you to travel in 2014? Let us know in a comment below.


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