Find out how you can rent the yacht in the new ‘Entourage’ trailer (for a mere $175,000 a week)


Yesterday, the first trailer for the upcoming Entourage movie dropped and, not only did we get to see our old friends Vince, Drama, E, Turtle, & Ari again, we also got a glimpse at the Miami megayacht where they first started production almost a year ago.

The yacht used for the movie’s epic party scene was the 154-foot Usher, formerly known as_ Mr. Terrible_. The yacht, which can be rented by the week for a mere $175,000, has an “eclectic interior d├ęcor”, a sundeck hot tub, and onboard elevator – making it the perfect party pad.

If you can afford it, you can book a stay on the Usher right now via or

Check out the full Entourage trailer below:


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