Great Last Minute Gift Idea: Pick up OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting in NYC

There’s only a few hours left to get those last-minute Christmas gifts, but don’t worry,  OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: New York City is available anytime and can be gifted to anyone on!

The book gives fans all the info they need to meet their favorite celebs in NYC.

This comprehensive guide is filled with all of On Location Vacations’ best tips and tricks, including hundreds of online resources, addresses, movie set layouts, and schedules for only $2.99, a bargain compared to some local tours or hardcovers.

OLV’s fist Field Guide answers all of the questions we gets asked every day about what time movies and TV shows film, how to approach a celebrity, how to be an extra in NYC, how to read filming permits, how to find the best spots to see celebs at movie premieres, how to meet celebrities on Broadway, and much, much more.

You can pick up OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: New York City on iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble via the links below!


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