According to Google, Interest in NYC Filming peaks when Robert Pattinson’s in town


Many of you, like me, have probably been searching through Google Trends this week. After all, what we searched for in 2014 does say a lot about us, for better or worse.

Just for the hell of it, I started typing in some of OLV’s most common tags and searches, and when I tried the terms “filming in NYC”, “NYC filming”, and “filming NYC”, I noticed a spike in searches in June 2009 and immediately knew why – Robert Pattinson was in town.

In June 2009, Pattinson was filming Remember Me in New York City. It’s hard to believe one person could have an influence on a search term as benign as “filming NYC”, but he did. Twilight had hit theaters a few months earlier and RPattz mania was at an all time high. The fan frenzy around the Remember Me shoot was like nothing I’d ever seen and, some news outlets claimed, it even caused Rob to be hit by a cab.


Need further proof Pattinson is the reason for the spike in “NYC filming” searches? Check out the chart for “Robert Pattinson filming”. Yup, that one peaks in June of 2009, too.

And, If you think Rob has lost his mojo since then, think again. Two stories about his latest project, Life, still made it into our 2014 Top Ten!


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