The Untitled X-Mas Project, starring Seth Rogen & Joseph Gordon Levitt, is filming at Rockefeller Center today


The Xmas Project or the Untitled Christmas Eve Project as it is also known, is filming on location in New York City today.

Most of the movie was filmed back in August and September, but director Jonathan Levine and company have returned to NYC to film a few additional scenes.

Today, the movie is filming around Rockefeller Center, presumably they’re hoping to get a few shots with the Rockefeller Christmas Tree before the lights are removed on Wednesday.

The Untitled project stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Lizzy Caplan, and Anthony Mackie. It follows three childhood friends who reunite in New York City to partying on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to @nezabudka1 for the tip! If you spot a movie filming near you, let us know about it at!


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