‘Parenthood’: Pay a visit to the park where The Bravermans played one final game of baseball


Like most of my fellow fans, I can’t stop thinking about Parenthood this morning. The final moments of the series were so great (oh, that Scott Porter!), it’s going to stick with all of us for a long time. But, now what do we do without The Bravermans in our lives?

Why not play a game of baseball with our own families? Preferably, at the same park where the final Parenthood scenes were shot – South Weddington Park.

Executive producer Jason Katims recently explained to E! why that particular park was used in the episode.

“We were supposed to go shoot that final scene in San Francisco and then two days before we were going up there, we learned there was the biggest storm coming, Katims explained. We decided the day before to that location, and we committed to it by photos. It actually is ironically a block from Universal Studios where we have been shooting all these years.”

Who’s with me? Let’s all grab a bat, get the kids, and head out for a Braverman-inspired ballgame.



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