Filming for the new ‘Rocky’ movie ‘Creed’ moves to Aston, PA this week


This week the upcoming Rocky movie, Creed, moves to Sun Center Studios in Aston, PA where thousands of extras will take part in a fight scene between Adonis Creed and Liverpool boxer Tony Bellew, who plays Pretty Boy Porter. The movie will shoot at Sun Center from Feb. 24 – 27 and on March & 3.

Stallone recently met with Bellow at an Everton soccer game in Liverpool, England where he filmed cheering fans for footage that will be edited into the scenes filmed at Sun Center.

Also, according to, Creed was rewritten in early January to follow the son of Apollo Creed, not his grandson as was originally reported. Michael B. Jordan plays the lead role, with Sly Stallone reprising his role as Rocky Balboa, who will now be Creed’s reluctant trainer.

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  1. My fiance was there yesterday, being so excited for days. Once he got there..really not as thrilling as one might imagine didn’t know location to be Aston until nite before. His group had practically no food after hours indoors that they had to kind of teasingly fight each other to get a share..more professional casting groupings etc. wiped out almost everything and my guy is up in age and did not like the idea of 12+++ hrs on little food ..but was a good experience to see something filmed and how tedious and how many takes and hard work it is..watching a movie it just seems so seamless and together.. but originally said he’d do 4 days..but after the cattle call kind of atmosphere he and quite a few others said.. fagedaboudit!! lol! Sly was there a good bit of the time..but mostly gave a few waves to the crowd. I’m a lifelong South Philly girl and did catch him once on a previous Rocky down @ Victors Cafe a couple blocks away from my home. By nite’s end on top of everything guy had a flat tire and someone stole his gloves he took to the shoot..So much for his movie star career..lmao!

  2. I was there two days and it was awful. Very unorganized, staff was rude, barley any food and 15+ hours for 100.00 bucks.. More than half of the people on Tuesday, did not return wednesday..


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