‘When the Starlight Ends’, starring ‘Outlander’s’ Sam Heughan, filming in Los Angeles


Outlander star Sam Heughan has started filming his next project, When the Starlight Ends, opposite Arabella Oz (yes, she is the daughter of Dr. Oz), in Los Angeles.

Starlight is “a surreal dark comedy that follows a struggling writer who, in a deep depression after losing the love of his life, must confront the decisions he made that compelled her to leave. Through a series of metaphorical vignettes providing insight into their failed relationship, the man decides to rewrite his own life the way he wishes it would have gone.”

Currently, the movie is filming in the Los Angeles area,  but it is also expected to shoot in Atlanta.

On Mar. 6, When the Starlight Ends will be filming at 828 N. Michigan Ave, Pasadena, CA.

If you spot the movie filming, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com!


  1. hi christine, do u have any locations in LA where Sam is filming? I’d like to go thursday as I am working friday. Unless I go after work but the traffic from Moreno Valley is horrible, it’ll take me 3 hrs & by then they maybe done for the night yes?

  2. My friend lives nearby and she said there’s no 828 North Michigan Ave Pasadena. There’s a 826 and then next house is 840. Can you check if the 828 was a typo? Thank you so much

    • I copied it exactly from the permit…which, I jut double checked and it appears to be gone…I’ll keep an eye on it, the permits are public at film pasadena.

  3. Hi Steve, do you know why they scrapped the Pasadena location? And also do you know where they will film next? I know they were in Culver City.

  4. I would Really like to know when “…Starlight” will be filming in Atlanta. Also, when will the movie be released?

  5. Silvia. Starlight filming wrapped. It’s over. Atlanta filming got canceled altogether. Not sure when it will be released. But filming has wrapped.


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