‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ will shoot in Atlanta, GA


During a recent impromptu Facebook Q & A director James Gunn confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will film in Atlanta.

When asked if he would be attending DragonCon (which takes place in Atlanta in September), Gunn replied, “I’m gonna try. Because we’re filming in Atlanta, I hope it works out for my schedule.”

As AJC pointed out, the movie will most likely be headquartered at Pinewood Studios in Fayette County, GA where Ant-Man filmed last year and the next Captain America movie is expected to shoot, too.

There is no official word on when GOTG2 will begin filming but, based on Gunn’s response, we wouldn’t be surprised to see principle photography start sometime this summer.


  1. I think Gunn is talking about DragonCon 2016 rather than this year. GOTG2 is a 2017 release so they shouldn’t be shooting until 2016. He is still working on the movie’s script. Cap 3 shoots until early August so I can’t see both productions at Pinewood at the same time.


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