Must See Filming Location: The real Rayburn House from ‘Bloodline’


If you spent the weekend binge-watching Bloodline, like we did, you know the Florida Keys play a major role in the series. From the stormy beach scenes, to sweeping aerial shots of the Overseas Highway, the Keys are like another character on the show.

Much of the show’s action takes place at The Rayburn House, the family’s beloved inn which we learn has just celebrated its 45th anniversary. Thanks to one of our sleuthing followers, @texican88, we’ve tracked down the idyllic property that plays The Rayburn House in the series, and we can’t wait to pay it a visit in person!

As soon as Bloodline fans see The Moorings Village and Spa’s beach, dock, boats, and that now famous curved palm tree, they’ll know it is The Rayburn House, just like we did.


The Moorings Village and Spa is located at 123 Beach Rd, Islamorada, FL. Moorings offers a variety of rooms, ranging from $359 a night for a one room villa to $2,500 per night for the two-story plantation house featured on Bloodline. If you don’t want to check in, but do want to check out the resort’s beach, you can always have lunch at The Beach Cafe, which was also featured on the show.

Find out more at You can watch the full first season of Bloodline on Netflix right now.


  1. I have no idea what the story line is… I was too busy reliving my past hanging out at the Moorings and my great friend Hubert that owns it.

    I guess the secret is out! πŸ™‚


  2. The story line is immaculate, Danny is lost in his negative childhood memories, and no one in the Rayburn family knows how to treat him. He’s almost out of control, but as the antagonist you still like him and or side with him. There’s a love hate relationship with every character in the show which gives perspectives…
    I’m honestly picky with all shows and use to only like shows like breaking bad, or similar others….
    But this show puts you in the family and makes you feel the sinister power of misguided and wronged loved ones.

  3. Love this show! Can’t wait for season 3!! The writer has a real talent for putting you right in the story and really making you be able to dislike a character! Lol! Going to go visit the house for sure & would love to meet the actors. The Keys is one of our favorite places!

  4. The actual beach cafe is NOT on the resort. I repeat the Beach cafe is not on the resort. This is misleading information, correct this before more people like us get kicked out of the resort for trespassing private property.

  5. Just returned from visiting the Resort. Absolutely fabulous place. You can only see the actual Rayburn house from the back. That beach is very private and under security. BUT on the other side of the street is a replica of the house and Pierres restaurant and the REAL beach cafe. Many outdoor scenes filmed on this beach across the street. Also found the Green Turtle Inn and Kevins marina which we found by asking some local people. Locals are extremely nice. Will return for sure!

  6. I live this show so much!!!!!!
    I’m so obsessed, waiting for the 3rd season…..I’m rewatching the first 2 seasons to refresh my memory…….does anyone know if it will be renewed again after season 3????? Hoping it will…love the characters……

  7. After watching season 3….can’t wait for season 4…but not to be…maybe we all can petition huh???
    (From a neighbor of the “O’Bannon house” Key largo mm105

  8. Love the show! & Yes, we definitely intend to make a stay there for sure, can’t wait!
    I was one that only liked other shows like Breaking Bad, Criminal Minds, & others like them.
    But when I saw this show BLOODLINE! All I can say is! WOW!!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    I really Loved it, enjoyed watching this show it kept me wanting more every step of the way.
    I enjoy watching somethings different & exciting, but this just, I really can’t explain it into words!
    But I’m going to try, I Love the fact Sissy, Sam, & Beau Bridges, was on it very much, & all the other Characters, they all were great also, I loved them all, but most of all, I Loved them so much I also loved to hate the characters not the actors of course, you know what I mean.
    I would just really Love to see more shows like this one, you know, the one you can’t even go to work for, Lol you’re so caught up in! You don’t want to stop watching!
    So please, “KESSER”! Keep writing no matter what anyone tells you & your brother.
    No matter what critics say or all the bad publicity, you all really done some awesome writing on the
    BLOODLINE!! Keep up the good work! Keep them coming!!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜


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