Photos: Graham McTavish leads the NYC Tartan Parade


On Saturday, April 11, Graham McTavish thrilled fans as he stopped to pose for photos along the route of the annual Tartan Parade in New York City. Of course, the Outlander star wore a traditional kilt as this year’s Grand Marshall.

Before the parade, he confessed that wearing a kilt can make the people around him behave strangely, especially some of his most diehard fans.

People do things when you wear a kilt that they would never do, with their hands all over the place like in the back of a taxi. It gets people going. I want to stress first that I was not offended by this, that it didn’t upset me, but it surprised me … I was doing a signing, and there was a line of people, and I’d seen this one woman before — a sweet, smaller lady — and suddenly, I noticed that it seemed like she fell down on the ground in front of me. She was right in front of me, and then laid down, right at my feet, with her head between my feet. And when someone does that, your first thought isn’t, Oh, obviously they’re looking up my kilt to see if I’m wearing any underwear. So at first it was more just, “Why are you doing that?” And then the penny dropped, and I realized … I’m hoping that I realized what she was doing before she had a chance to get a good look, because I stepped back pretty quick. But she didn’t mean any harm. It wasn’t malicious or anything. I think the poor lady now wishes she hadn’t done it, but it was fine. I wasn’t upset or anything. But it was a bold move. [Chuckles.] That was quite something.

Check out photos from the parade below:





Photos: RL
Source: Vulture


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