‘How To Be Single’, starring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, & Alison Brie, begins filming in NYC

how to be single permits

On Monday, April 20, New Line’s How To Be Single begins filming in NYC. According to permits, filming will take place around 17th st and 10th Ave in New York City on Monday.

The feature film stars Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, Dan Stevens and Leslie Man and will suggest “it is not our relationships, but our single times in between, that truly define us. The film will give an honest portrayal of both the female and male views of singlehood. Additionally, the film will look at relateable issues such as; online dating, the debate about how long to wait before having children, when to get married, blind dating, casual sex and the fear of commitment.”

Be on the lookout for How To Be Single in NYC and let us know if you spot them!

Photo: @inotherside


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