‘Captain America: Civil War’ filming in downtown Atlanta

The latest sets for Captain America: Civil War have been spotted in downtown Atlanta. Thanks to @ATLWOOD411 we have a look at an extensive set, complete with green screens, that has gone up at the old Norfolk Southern building, located at 125 Spring St SW.

You can see from these photos, crews have built an entire village that is surely standing in for somewhere else, just as they transformed Buckhead into London for yesterday’s shoot.

The building might look familiar to fans of The Walking Dead. It was also used in the show’s first season, and can be seen as Rick rides through Atlanta on horseback.

Captain America 3, which is using the working title Sputnik, is based at Pinewood Studios in Fayette County. Filming is expected to continue around Atlanta through the summer.

Be on the lookout for Captain America: Civil War filming in Atlanta and be sure to let us know if you spot them!

Thanks again to @ATLWOOD411!


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