Adam Sandler’s ‘The Do Over’ begins filming in Savannah, GA next month

Summertime means lazy days at the beach, barbeques, campfires and a new Adam Sandler movie being filmed in some picturesque location.

This year, Adam has chosen to spend his summer filming The Do Over in one of our favorite cites – Savannah, GA.

The Do Over is the second movie to be produced as part of Sandler’s Netflix deal. It will follow two troubled guys who decide to fake their own deaths so they can start over with new identities but quickly find out the identities they steal are worse than then their real lives.

The movie, which will shoot from July 7-Aug. 21, is currently in need of stand-ins, you can find out more about what they are looking for at

If you spot The Do Over filming in Savannah this summer, be sure to let us know about it at!


  1. Filming around corner from my house. Traffic congested and police directing traffic on the streets. Several film crews and trucks. Signs posted with “TDO” now knowing that means The Do Over….

  2. Just returned from Savannah! Saw them filming on Tuesday night on River St. in the space just past The Mad Hatters store. He could be seen from the windows above store after he and David Spade spent time meeting people and taking pictures. Wednesday night they were filming a bit further in to downtown – had to find my way around it to get back to hotel. Surely made a week of work meetings more memorable!


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