Find out how you can be an extra in ‘Bourne 5’ in Las Vegas next month


Producers are giving movie fans the chance to be a part of the next film in the Bourne series, starring Matt Damon and Tommy Lee Jones.

The movie will be filming in Las Vegas, NV on January 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, and 21, 2016 and they need lots of extras to fill the scenes. Anyone over 18 years old is welcome to bring their family and friends down to the set and be a part of movie history! This isn’t a paid gig, but all extras will get to be on set with the stars and meals will be provided.

Though little is known about the new movie, Damon did recently share a bit about Bourne 5’s set up. “There’s been the financial collapse, the great recession, all these issues of cyberwarfare and civil liberties,” he told EW. “We find him in a dark and tortured place.”

Bourne 5 will hit theaters in 2016.


  1. Right, this is just for scenes that need lots and lots of people, the movie obviously does have paid extras, too. We’ve been a part of these type of scenes and its really fun for fans who just want the experience, they make it entertaining.


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