The Silver Fox Reporter from ‘Making A Murderer’ finally speaks


Netflix’s latest phenomenon, Making A Murderer, focuses on the trial of Steven Avery, who, while suing local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect for murder. Despite the heavy subject matter, some fans found levity in the local reporters covering the trials, many of whom were featured in every episode.

One of those reporters (known as the “hot reporter guy” or “the silver fox” to fans online) Aaron Keller, has been keeping quiet about his feelings on the trail and the series, until this week. Keller, who is now a lawyer and a professor in New Hampshire, appeared on FOX News this week and said the trail was part of the reason he left his career as a journalist and went to law school.

Check out the full video below:

If you still can’t get enough of Making A Murderer, you can always take a drive by Avery’s Auto Salvage, the family business at the heart of the docuseries. “Between 25 to 40 vehicles have come up my driveway,” Chuck Avery, Steven’s brother, told the NY Post of the fans who’ve already scoped out the property. One couple even brought the family pizza! Just remember, if you do check it out, the site is private property and should be treated as such. You can find the salvage yard at 12930 Avery Rd, Two Rivers, WI.


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