The Most Travel-Inspiring TV Show of 2015: Bloodline


2015 brought us some seriously good TV, with equally compelling filming locations, but Bloodline stands out above them all as the one show that got people planning their next trip – to Florida.

The Florida Keys play a major role in the series. From the stormy beach scenes, to sweeping aerial shots of the Overseas Highway, the Keys are like another character on the show.

Especially The Rayburn House, the idyllic property that is actually The Moorings Village and Spa, located at 123 Beach Rd, Islamorada, FL. The Moorings offers a variety of rooms, ranging from $359 a night for a one room villa to $2,500 per night for the two-story plantation house featured on Bloodline. If you don’t want to check in, but do want to check out the resort’s beach, you can always have lunch at The Beach Cafe, also featured on the show.

Not only was The Moorings one of our Must See Locations in 2015, but it was also one of our most searched-for locations.

Find out more at You can watch the full first season of Bloodline on Netflix right now.


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