The cast of ‘House of Lies’ makes history in Cuba


Showtime’s House of Lies made history last month when it became the first scripted American TV show to shoot in Cuba since the embargo began more than 50 years ago.

The show’s cast and crew spent an entire week in Cuba shooting season five’s finale.

“Well, it’s amazing and really takes the finale of our show to a place that we couldn’t even imagine possible with a completely different look and ideas and different focus and tone,” Don Cheadle said.

Among the challenges of filming in Cuba was the government’s censorship of most media. “You don’t just come to Cuba and shoot whatever you want. They’re very protective of the culture that they have here and a system that they have, so in order to be here today, we submitted a script and an outline months ago,” said Jessica Borsiczky, the show’s executive producer.

The Cuban government reviewed the script and gave approval several months before they began filming the finale.

Given Universal is working on a deal to film scenes for Fast and the Furious 8 in Cuba, and Conan O’Brien has already filmed his show in the country, it looks like we can expect to see more of Cuba in American media in the coming years.


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