In Photos: ‘Collateral Beauty’ filming on location in NYC


Kate Winslet looked amazing at the Academy Awards last night but she wasn’t going to be in L.A. long. After the ceremony, Winslet was headed back to New York to continue filming Collateral Beauty.

The movie, which also stars Will Smith, Keira Knightley, Edward Norton, Michael Pena and Helen Mirren, has been filming on location in New York since for about two weeks. It follows an ad exec (Smith) whose colleagues try to break him out of a debilitating depression, but their plan goes awry.

On Friday, Winslet, Norton and Pena were spotted filming exterior scenes for the movie in Manhattan. Thanks to one of our readers, Suzanne, we have several photos from Friday’s shoot. It appears the movie is taking place at Christmastime as most set photos we’ve seen seem to have Christmas lights and decorations around.

Check out more photos below and be sure to let us know if you spot Collateral Beauty filming, too!







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