Travel Inspiration: Rent the amazing Villa from ‘Mad Dogs’


If you’re like us, you’ve already lost an entire weekend binge-watching Amazon’s Mad Dogs, about a group of fortysomething friends – played by Ben Chaplin, Michael Imperioli, Romany Malco and Steve Zahn – who travel to Belize for a relaxing vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare.

Unfortunately, Mad Dogs, wasn’t renewed for season 2, due to “creative differences”, but fans can still relive the epic first season at the amazing villa where most of the series’ action takes place.

Milo’s vacation home on the show is actually the luxurious Casa Hines in Puerto Rico– that’s right, it isn’t really Belize where the guys get drunk, get chased and get lost, Puerto Rico fills in for the Central American country throughout the series. Casa Hines is available for weekly vacation rentals, starting at $2500 a night. That might seem way outside your budget, but the house sleeps 22 adults, so a group could easily split the cost. Just make sure the people you’re staying with aren’t up to anything shady, or you could end up like our friends in Mad Dogs!

The rate not only includes use of the villa, but also a private concierge service, private chef services, water sports, building maintenance, security coverage (something Milo and his friends could have used!) and daily housekeeping. The villa is also a popular wedding venue (Shania Twain was married here in 2011) with rates starting at $5500.

You can book Casa Hines now by calling 787-405-8066 or visiting the villa’s website.


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