Filming underway in New York City for Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’


This week a few mysterious signs for a project simply titled Kick began surfacing around NYC. It turns out Kick is the working title for the upcoming Marvel series Iron Fist.

According to Slashfilm, “Iron Fist follows rich kid Daniel Rand as he resurfaces in New York after having gone missing for several years. Using his sweet martial arts skills and the mystical power of the Iron Fist, he wages a battle against the criminal forces corrupting the city.”

Finn Jones has been cast as Rand, while Jessica Henwick has been cast as his ally Colleen Wing and David Wenham will play Harold Meachum, who was a business partner of Rand’s parents at the time of their death.

Iron Fist is the fourth and final Marvel series for Netflix to film in NYC, behind Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Once Iron Fists wraps, the series’ stars will all come together, Avengers-style, to shoot The Defenders in NYC.

Today, the show was filming at Broadway Stages in Brooklyn. Here are a few of the upcoming Iron Fist locations we already know about:

On Monday, April 18, the show will be filming at Liberty St and Nassau St, NYC.

On Wednesday, April 20, Iron Fist will be filming at E 52nd St and Park Ave, NYC.

If you spot filming signs or permits for Kick around NYC, let us know about it at!



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