‘Gilmore Girls’ did film a funeral scene, but it might not be for Richard


Today a few photos from the Gilmore Girls funeral scene I wrote about last week have been making the rounds with titles like, “The Gilmore Girls Revival will include Richard’s funeral.”


Given the sad passing of actor Edward Herrmann – who played Lorelai’s dad Richard Gilmore on the show – creator Amy Sherman-Palladino confirmed Emily will be a widow in the new episodes. This, along with a now-removed Instagram post by a woman who wrote an unauthorized Gilmore Girls cookbook, somehow became enough proof for the internet to declare we’ll be seeing Richard’s funeral when the show returns to Netflix this fall.

Of course, this is also what I thought when I got the tip that Gilmore Girls was going to be filming in Mountain View Cemetery. Until, I found out the shoot was going to be for the summer episode.

Here’s the problem, the four new episodes, which will be 1.5 hours each, will cover one season per episode: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, presumably in that order (get it, like the Carole King song). So, if this is correct, it would seem nearly impossible for the show to wait until the third episode to acknowledge Grandpa Gilmore’s death.

Of course, I don’t know any more than anyone else so I’m speculating too, but the set photos do seem to confirm what I was told, whoever’s funeral it was, it was set in the summer as there are no winter or fall set decorations anywhere.

But, that leads to an even bigger, scarier question – who else from Stars Hollow might die? I can’t even think about it.

Take a look at those Twitter pics that are going around and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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