Five Movie Ranches To Visit This Summer After Watching ‘The Duel’


The Duel, starring Woody Harrelson and Liam Hemsworth, will finally hit theaters on June 24th and we can’t wait to see it. The new Western follows Hemsworth’s David Kingston, a Texas Ranger who investigates a series of murders in a small town led by a charismatic preacher, Abraham, played by Woody Harrelson. The investigation takes a personal turn for Kingston, who must solve the case before he loses everything.

Back in 2014, The Duel transformed the Florewood State Park in Greenwood, MS into a frontier town straight out of the old west. Even if you can’t visit Florewood, there are still plenty of old west movie sets fan can tour this summer. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites.

Old Tucson
Tucson, AZ

Old Tucson has been the site for more than 300 film and television productions since 1939, making it one of the most active filming locations for Western-themed movies and TV shows in the U.S. The Outlaw Josey Wales, Little House on the Prairie, Gunsmoke, The Gambler and Three Amigos are just a few of the famous projects shot at Old Tucson.

Old Tucson is open seasonally for tours and events. Adult admission is $17.95.

Melody Ranch
Newhall, CA

This Hollywood mainstay first opened its doors in 1915 and the studio has had a string of classic Westerns being produced here ever since. Gary Cooper, Roy Rogers, and John Wayne all filmed movies here until 1962 when a fire destroyed Meoldy Ranch’s main western street. Gene Autry maintained the rest of the ranch for his horse Champion until 1990. At that point, the ranch was sold and brought back to life with the restoration of the famous western street with a saloon, bank, jail, general store, hotel, church, school, livery stable and theatre. The property also has a farm house, ranch house, Victorian home and beautiful Spanish hacienda. In recent years, Django Unchained and The Last Stand were also filmed here. Private, VIP tours of the ranch can be booked by calling 661-286-1188.

Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch
Santa Fe, NM

Bonanza Creek Ranch is an all-inclusive film location on thousands of acres of land in the foothills of southern New Mexico. It’s movie town, homes and ponds have been used in more than than 130 movies, including Cowboys & Aliens, Appaloosa, 3:10 to Yuma and Longmire. The ranch is happy to open to its doors to photographers, painters and movie history buffs by appointment only.

Paramount Ranch
Agoura Hills, CA

In 1927, Paramount Pictures purchased 2,700 acres of the old Rancho Las Virgenes to create a movie ranch. Since then, the land has been used as the location for everything from The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) to Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1992 to 1997). Today, the original Paramount property belongs to the National Park Service and can be easily visited on a hike through the Santa Monica Mountains.

Eaves Movie Ranch
Santa Fe, NM

Eaves Movie Ranch is a working movie set and events venue just south of Santa Fe, NM that has hosted films like Easy Rider, Young Guns II and Wyatt Earp. The ranch isn’t open for tours but does accept guests by appoint and for special events.

Can’t make it to one of these Western towns this summer? Then make sure you don’t miss The Duel in theaters!



  1. The set used to film the western, The Duel is still intact…you should visit Greenwood, MS and see it and see the homes featured in The Help…also filmed in Greenwood.

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