How to plan your own ‘Walking Dead’ wedding in Senoia, GA


Fans of The Walking Dead have been flocking to Senoia, GA, the show’s main filming location, for years. Whether they are trying to catch a glimpse of the show filming, taking a tour of Woodbury, or visiting Noran Reedus’ new restaurant, fans know Senoia is the place to go for the complete Walking Dead experience and, now, that experience can even include a TWD themed wedding!

As part of the wedding package, fans can choose to hold their ceremony in the gazebo on Main St that was part of the Woodbury set and overlooks the Alexandria set, the Wooden Bridge over the train tracks where Maggie and Glen were reunited, or The Veranda B&B where the show’s stars from have stayed, among other locations.

Each wedding can be completely customized,  to add to the effect, the happy couple can even hire “zombies” to terrorize them during their nuptials.

As for who will marry the lucky couple? “Senoia Rick”, of course!

TWD fans can start planning their own “Walking Wed” at


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