How To Get Tickets to a live taping of ‘Kevin Can Wait’ in New York


CBS’ new comedy show Kevin Can Wait is currently the only sitcom with a live audience and multi-camera format being shot in New York. The live tapings take place old Coast Studios in Bethpage, Long Island and it is actually the first show of its kind to be shot there. The studio has been used for other projects before, from movies to TV shows.

The show stars Kevin James (also known for another sitcom: The King of Queens) as newly retired police officer looking forward to spending carefree quality time with his wife and three kids. However, he finds out that life can be tougher at home than on the streets.

Taping happens every Friday at 6:15pm and the first availability is for September 30th. The last day of filming scheduled is December 2nd. Tickets are free and you just have to register at to be able to secure your seat at the show!


  1. My whole family is rooting for Kevin’s new sitcom. We all think the show is hilarious. He has a really good cast too. He has good chemistry with his tv wife too. We live in Hicksviile which is only a few minutes away from the studio too! It is exciting that the show is taped on Long Island, it is big news for us! We have friends that were lucky to get tickets to the show and they said they had a great time. If I could get tickets for Kevin Can Wait, it would truly make my year!!! (fingers crossed).

  2. Love Kevin James and his new show! Going to see him tonight (Dec 3rd) at Nj PAC in Newark Nj! Can’t wait! Would live to see the taping of his new show as well!!

  3. Kevin james is my husband and I’s favorite actor. He is so funny and a great actor. My husband and Kevin have a lot of the same mannerisms. My husband loves kevin. We would love to go to this show.

  4. My wife loves KEVIN James. I would like to surprise her with tickets to one of his live taping of his show. How can I get to a place where I can buy tickets for a show. Thanks


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