How to get tickets to see Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show in NYC


With a career that has already spanned from award winning jazz albums, to starring roles in rom-coms like Hope Floats and New in Town, to performances on Broadway, Harry Connick Jr.also added daytime talk show host to his resume this week.

The new series, Harry, is a mix of live musical performances, man-on-the-street interviews, stunts, parodies and audience participation.

Currently, Harry is taping on weekdays at the CBS Broadcast Center, 530 West 57th St, NYC. Free tickets are available to the show at Harry TV show website. You can request tickets by filling out a short form and should receive a confirmation within a week. Get more info at


  1. Hi Harry I’m a Vietnam veteran wrote this song in 1984 recorded let for the first time in 2007 I put it on YouTube it’s john Egan never play with guns I’ve sent it to many famous musicians including yourself but never heard back from any but as I watch your new talk show for the first time make my day pal john Egan

  2. Hi Harry,
    Love the new show!!!!!! I was a recipient of the breast cancer drug, HERCEPTIN! That was back in 2002. It had metastasized from my breast (1999). I have loved and admired your choice to do the Lifetime Movie, “Living Proof. ) I related to the movie, it moved me in so many ways. My entire family has copies!!!!!! My oncologists tell me, till this day, how amazing it is that with the type of Breast Cancer I had, that I’m alive and well today, all these years later!!! And it’s all thanks to Herceptin!!!!!!
    I am hoping maybe I could tell my story on your new show in the “Hey Harry” portion!!!!!! I’m 69 yrs old! And of course have been a Harry fan for many years!

  3. I’ve watctorn ed your 2 shows with Sandra Bullock & Terence Howard. So far so good. I thoroughly enjoy watching the show. However, CHANGE THE COLORS OF YOUR STAGE, because it’s too BRIGHT. Please make the decor of soothing colors & inviting. (Example: Ellen DeGenneres stage…an absolute beautiful) with the liive plants, flowers & make the set comfortable for Harry to sit (he’s a tall man) as well for the guests. The white set scene looks “Very sanitary” The white chairs they’re sitting on looks so uncomfortable!!! I live in the South Bay of Los Angeles, I hope someday can afford to fly & buy a ticket for the show. As of now things are on hold because I’m not working I’m on disability because of my rheumatoid arthritis and recovering from a knee replacement (torn acl due to my rheumatoid arthritis). I hope to see Harry show real soon and meet him in person. Thank you very much


  5. Hi Harry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years , I love when You do the Frank Sinatra songs. I’m 80 years old & have sung with Frank Sinatra Piano player Bob Smith, who also played for 7 Presidents. I still sing with a jazz Band , I sing all the American song book songs.Ive been married to a 20 year Navy Vet for
    61 yrs.I have 4 children, 8 Grand Children & 11 great Grand dream is be on your show as a Super Great Grand Mother.I know My chance of it coming true that the odds are one in ten Million
    I will tape every show, & I hope U will sing a little Husband & I love Your singing & know Your show will be a hit. Brake a leg.

  6. Hi Harry, I’ve been watching your first few shows. So inviting, a delight to see. I never knew you were so down to earth and me and my husband love the jazz music. A great change from regular talk shows, not that I don’t enjoy the others that I watch as well. Keep doing what you started.

  7. Hi Harry , my name is Gina and all I can say is I’m addicted to your show!!!!!!!!!! I think you are a fabulous actor,singer,piano man etc. and you were great on American idol!!! your fabulous and your band and the set is awesome!!! It’s PERFECT!!! You seem to be such a real compassionate, caring and loving man the way you speak of your wife and your beautiful daughters is so wonderful to see! I’m from North Jersey in the Country so I’m only an hour from New York. So i will be in your Audience someday soon. I’m not going to tell you all the stuff going on in my life But I Will to you that I love you and your show!!! I wish you years of success and God bless you and your family. And God bless America!!! I pray for all the people in your home town. I wish I could go there and help! May god bless them all!!! It breaks my heart!!! Xoxo

  8. I have already setup a series recording of “Harry” for my DVR. I have been a fan for years – I even made my nurses crazy after one of my back surgeries! I was allowed to have a DVD/VCR in my room… I was convinced that you were waiting for visiting hours! I’m always a bit “off” when I’m heavily medicated! I love your humor, but I was wonderfully surprised to see your performance of a Scrooge type on Hallmark. Hope you enjoy great success with the new show! I could easily ramble on, and on, but I think I should let some of your other fans send you their comments.

  9. Hi Harry! We absolutely LOVE your new show, what a wonderful breath of fresh air. Nothing like it on the air and it is exciting to watch. You have a fantastic, down to earth personality and it shows. You are so meant to do this! Please sing as much as you can if at all possible. My little girl loves your voice – she thinks it is just “dreamy” and thinks you are “seriously handsome”. She is 12 and sings in her school choir – she has told everyone to watch your show! 🙂 Love from Myrtle Beach S.C.

  10. I am such a big fan of Harry Conical Jr. He’s my Elvis Presley so please please consider me for a studio audience member! I live in long beach n.y.

  11. Hello Harry I’m a Recording Artist just finished my 1st CD project and my 1st music video I’m mixing and mastering my 13 track project and doing it on my own started my own Record label and want to be a musical guest on your show. I’m here in California In the Bay Area. I’m a Singer Songwriter and Producer. I’ve worked with Kim Burrell to Kierra Sheard. I lost over 200lbs and not done yet. Almost died but pushed to live and make my dreams a reality. YouTube channel Shonte’s Channel

  12. I love, love Harry’s show. I live across the river from New Orleans. Look forward to seeing Harry every day. Harry is so entertaining & hopefully I will get the chance to attend his show in New York. Keep up the good work.?

  13. hi Harry, my name is Donna Hendershott. I am a correction officer in upstate ny and I am a HUGE fan! I would give anything to meet you! I was wondering if there was a way I could get tickets to your show! I was also wondering if you would like to attend my company holiday party in December. I know this is a crazy idea but hey, I work in a male dominated profession and just once I’d like to be the cool kid Lol. I know you’re happily married I just want a really awesome friend to go with! Tell Jill she is invited too! Well thanks for listening to my craziness but how about those tickets?

  14. I have been a fan of yours for decades. I have loved all your movies and your talent is through the roof. You are such an inspiration to so many people. I would give anything to see you on your show in person this would make my world, this will probably be the only time I will get to visit New York. My husband was kind enough to let me go with girlfriends and I have never done this before. I want to thank my husband, he is an amazing man who I love dearly we have been together for 15 years and I still feel the same from the 1st time I met him. I’m needing 4 tickets if possible on December 3rd or December 4th. I am from Rockwall Texas but born and raised in Dallas, Texas. My phone number # 469-831-2451.

  15. I have been a Harry fan forever, and I tape your wonderful shows, so I can watch them when I’m home, They make me smile and sometimes cry happy tears. I’m a retired elementary school principal originally from New Orleans. We relocated to Baton Rouge due to Hurricane Katrina. I e-mailed your producers about a middle school band in Baton Rouge trying to raise funds to attend the Veterans Day celebration in Washington, D. C. I know they must get tons of mail, but this is urgent, The school was flooded in August as well as homes of many of the band members. As of last Sun, they had raised only enough money to send about half of the 100 band members to D.C. If you know of anyone that can help, please contact me, My daughter and I will be in NY the first weekend in Dec, for our third straight mother/daughter trip. I looked for tickets for Dec. 2nd right after your show started in Sept., but no tickets were available for the entire month of Dec. It would be a dream come true if we could attend. Maybe next year, because I know your show will still be going strong.

  16. Hi Harry, My name is Annette Hicks & I have a dear friend named Pam Rogan who’s mother is Nellie Rutherford. Nellie is 74 years old & still working as a home care nurse. She was once a back-up singer for Roy Orbison & Dionne Warwick. She also recorded some of her own music which you can check out on you tube. I would love to arrange a meeting with you two.

    Thank you

    • I would love to introduce Harry to Nellie Rutherford who recorded Lavender Lace, Laughing at me, Turn me on & many more back in 1962. She sang back-up for Dionne Warwick & Roy Orbison. She is now 74 & still works as a home care nurse.

  17. Hi Harry my name is Laura I am from a small town call Redding California in between Sacramento and Oregon All I Want for Christmas Is to come to your show I know that I cannot afford it nor have I ever flown a day in my life but I have been down for the last three years with surgery after surgery after surgery and it’s time for a change I’m hoping that you get this message and we’ll invite me to your show that’s my Christmas wish sincerely Laura Ellis

  18. HiHarry, Iwe love your show and i’m trying to get tickets for my daughter and her new husband as of New Years Eve. they are coming to NYC for a few days after the wedding so i was trying to get some t can’t figure out how. thought maybe you could help me out!!

  19. I have written to this sight many times because I think Harry would love to meet my friend’s mother. Her name is Nellie Rutherford & if you look her up on you tube, you will be able to listen to her songs from 1962 such as lavender lace, and many more. She is a 74 yr. old home care nurse as well. I would love to see her sitting next to Harry at the piano singing one of her songs.
    Thanks again Annette Hicks

  20. I’m just sending another request because I would love to introduce Harry to Nellie Rutherford. I think they would both enjoy singing one of her songs together.

  21. Love, your show! It is so uplifting, fun, with fantastic music. I feel like I’m on vacation ( I guess in a way this sounds a little sad ,It’s not meant to}. Your show really makes me laugh out loud and smile. It is so wonderful to watch a show a be totally entertained. Thank you so very much

  22. Love yourshow. Fiancee is a retired police officer, great sax player, Charles Malcolm Cobb. He would love 5 minutes to play with Jerry Weldon. They have mutual musian friends. Please dhare the love and make that happen. Thank you Harry!

  23. Love your show Harry! Love your band and love the set too. Very fresh and modern. I like the light heartedness and good stories you share in this not so friendly world we live in. Thanks for being you Harry! Love Jennie

  24. Will be in NYC May 25-May 29, 2017… Would love 3 tickets for the May 25th (Thursday) show. How do I get them? Thanks, Carole in Atlanta,

  25. I love that you help real people. I am writing you about Thyroid cancer. I saw your show with the darling Jazz and her story is familiar to me as my daughter also has thyroid cancer, which is also compllcated by Rheumatoid Arthritus. More people should hear about these diseases and I am hoping you might highlight them on your show. A thyroid cancer support group on the Web is having a Web auction later this year so they can continue to support patients in their fight with this dosease. Perhaps you might donate a small item and get Jazz involved too. She might benifit from their services.
    Thank you for your can contact me at Judith Clarke and Maikaaloa Clarke

  26. Me and my husband have always been great fans of Harry.. We have been to NOLA to see him. We are recently retired and would love to see him in NYC.. We are moving back to NJ on May 15 and would love to see him at the end of May.. It would be deeply appreciated if you could help us attend one of his fantastic shows. We are also the mother and father of 3 daughters and feel the connection!!

  27. HI my name is Toni M. Harris. I am Abigail fan of Harry’s I would love to attend his show. I am writing to you from Claymont Delaware. I’m not sure how I would even get to your show but if I get ticket I will get there!!!!!! I know you love music and I would like you help with a children song on pottying. The song is called I Tinkled In The Potty and I Pooed Too. I have a video of my two neices singing the song. It’s a really good song and you would love it. I’m writing to you because you are helpful to woman. I also would like you to the you lady Jennifer who started the Melanite company. They make the toys for young men of color. It would mean the world to gat help from you.

  28. Hey Harry! I’m Antoinette. I’m for Kenner, LA Bra. Lol only People from New Orleans will understand. i’m Coming in July for my 25th Anniversary and my Birthday. I’m hoping to see your show when I come. Love you and so proud of you. You are such a great inspiration.

  29. Hi Harry,
    I have been doing concerts for kids for a few years now. I also write a lot of my own material. (I’m a singer/songwriter and guitarist.)
    I recently wrote a children’s song that doesn’t sound like your typical kid’s tune. It’s very jazzy and upbeat.
    After I wrote it, I thought about you and your show immediately.
    Is there anyway to get it to you at least for a listen. I think once you hear it you’ll see what I mean.

    Thanks for considering my request and for all the great entertainment. You are not only a great star,
    but a warm and caring human being. Continued success.

    God bless,


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