The ‘Jumanji’ reboot, starring Dwayne Johnson, begins filming in Hawaii


Just as we reported it would, the Jumanji reboot officially began filming in Hawaii this week.

Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Nick Jonas have all signed in to be a part of the remake of the 1995 family classic that starred Robin Williams.

The idea of a remake might make fans of the original movie a bit skeptical but, the movie’s cast is aware of the first film’s popularity and doesn’t plan on messing with it.

“We’re doing a remake of a movie that has no weak points,” Hart has said. “Jumanji was an amazing film — rest in peace to Robin Williams. So we’re not trying to recreate the movie that people may be familiar with, we’re trying to modernize it, for those people who don’t know what Jumanji is, in a clever, unique way. Not destroy the movie, of course, but pay homage to all parties that were involved in it and just make it special for this generation.”

Our friends at Reel News Hawaii have already spotted the movie filming at Waimea Falls Park, under the working title Jaguar, this week. Once filming wraps in Hawaii, the shoot will move to Atlanta, GA.

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