Hey Upstate New York: Be on the lookout for the Hudson Valley’s newest resident, Norman Reedus!


Norman Reedus is making big news in Upstate New York this week. The Walking Dead actor was spotted having lunch at the Millbrook Diner in Millbrook, N.Y, a small town located about 2 hours north of New York City. One of the waitresses at the restaurant, Danielle, told an Albany radio station that the actor came in alone and said he was exploring the area.

“She waited on him and said he was very friendly,” the DJ explained. “After he was done eating, she had the chance to chat with him for about 20 minutes and he revealed that he recently bought a house in the Hudson Valley area, but he had never been to Millbrook, so he was checking it out.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if his new home was in Rhinebeck, where his TWD┬áco-star, and the other half of his budding bromance, Jeffrey Dean Morgan lives with his wife, OTH alum Hilarie Burton. The couple – along with another famous Rhinebeck resident and close friend, Paul Rudd – also own a candy store in town, Samuel’s Sweet Shop.

Knowing Reedus likes to get away from it all, and knowing he already has a network of friends and colleagues in the Rhinebeck area – which is also located just 2 hours north of his home in NYC – we’ll be sure to look for him the next time we’re in town!


  1. Just an FYI, Rhinebeck isn’t really considered upstate. People think anything north of the boroughs is upstate, but that’s not the case.
    It’s super cool these guys are moving to the Hudson Valley!

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